Get answers to frequently asked questions

  1. The basics
  2. ATM options
  3. Space and power requirements
  4. Service and maintenance
  5. Security

The basics

How much does it cost to install an ATM?

Usually, we can install an ATM completely free of charge. Subject to checking that your customer footfall and cash turnover meet our minimum requirements, we will install an ATM at no cost to you.

How do I find out if my business is suitable for an ATM?

Our free consultation will quickly let you know if your business is suitable for an ATM. We will just need to check your customer footfall and your cash turnover. A free on-site survey will identify the best location for one of our ATM models.

How will having a cash machine help my business?

A cash machine adds real value to your business by providing customers with easy access to cash onsite at your business location. A cash machine encourages repeat customer visits, attracts new customers, builds customer loyalty, and increases the spending power of your customers.

ATM options

What is the difference between Free to Use and Pay to Use?

Withdrawing cash from a Free to Use ATM incurs no charges. In a community-based business, this type of ATM is proven to increase customer footfall, turnover and loyalty.

A Pay to Use ATM includes a surcharge of approximately £1.75 to withdraw cash, and provides the merchant with a higher return on profits.

What is a Through the Wall cash machine?

A Through the Wall cash machine is an alternative to a free-standing unit. It works well if your business fronts onto a high traffic area. Transactions can be made 24/7, enabling your ATM to generate income even when your business is closed.

What is a Self-Fill ATM?

With a Self-Fill ATM, the business owner takes responsibility for ensuring the machine is always fully loaded with cash. Recycling cash generated by your business helps reduce bank visits, and bank charges.

What is a Fully Managed ATM?

With a Fully Managed ATM, we manage the operation and cash loading of your machine. This is ideal for high density areas, with increased footfall. A Fully Managed ATM, allows merchants to concentrate on their core business, while we take care of the day-to-day ATM operation.

Space and Power Requirements

How much space will I need for a cash machine?

Our Free Standing ATMs have a small footprint so they take up the minimum amount of space. Each model is different but as a rough guide, you will need a floor space area approximately 800mm x 1130mm. Our free on-site survey will help determine the most appropriate model and the best location.

What power requirements does an ATM need?

A standard 230v AC 13 Amp socket is sufficient to power an ATM.

Service and Maintenance

How reliable is a cash machine?

The cash machines we use are manufactured by Triton, and are extremely durable - and reliable. Triton has over 30 years experience manufacturing ATMs, and has installed nearly 200,000 machines installed worldwide.

How often will my ATM need to be serviced?

In most cases we will identify the fault before you do and will have an engineer dispatched to your place of business within 24 hours.

What happens if there is a problem with the cash machine?

Our policy of proactively monitoring and servicing all our ATMs means we ensure the best possible "up" times in the industry. In the unlikely event of an issue, our service technicians are available 24/7 to provide the support and technical assistance you require.

What if a customer has a problem with the cash machine?

In the unlikely event that one of your customers has a transaction issue, they will need to contact their "card issuing" bank. If any further assistance is required, our help desk is available 24/7.


How secure is an ATM?

All our ATMs are installed with a UL291 business hours vault. This is the industry standard for standalone cash machines. During the installation process you will create a secure "unique" code for the safe. This secure "unique" code will ensure ONLY YOU have access. Should you have any security concerns, our service technicians are available 24/7 to ensure all ATMs operate smoothly and efficiently around the clock.