Cash Machine Consumables

Ordering receipt rolls

We recommend ordering receipt rolls from us directly. To prevent a disruption in service, order as soon as you have placed the last roll in your cash machine.

Need receipt rolls? Call us directly today.

Call: 0800 085 1569

For quick service, please use the following order codes:

  • ATM Model - Tidel, All Models (3400/3600)
    Receipt Roll Order Code - TH102-04
  • ATM Model - Triton 91xx, 96xx 97xx
    Receipt Roll Order Code - TH60-03
  • ATM Model - Triton RL2000 (60mm Printer)
    Receipt Roll Order Code - TH60-05
  • ATM Model - Triton RL2000 (80mm Printer), RL5000, RT2000, FT5000
    Receipt Roll Order Code - TH80-14