Prior Way Convenience’s Case Study

Convenience store shoppers vote for Free to Use ATM in online poll

The free to use ATM has increased our trade dramatically and we are seeing a lot more of customers who never used the old surcharging ATM. The InfoCash team have been very responsive and really understand our needs.

Vip Measuria
Owner, Prior Way Convenience Store, Borrowash, Derby
Business Sector: Retail / Convenience Store

Woman standing in grocery store


Prior Way customers had always had access to their cash via a charging ATM installed in the shop. In recent years however, usage of the machine dropped significantly, and store owner Vip Measuria noticed that customers were making larger, but far less frequent withdrawals in an effort to reduce transaction fees. This change in the way customers used the ATM had a corresponding impact on footfall and customer spend. Additionally, Vip was not completely satisfied with the customer support he was receiving from the incumbent ATM supplier. Thinking innovatively, Vip used social media to conduct a survey of his customers - and the feedback they gave him was unanimously in favour of replacing the existing surcharging ATM with one that was free to use.

The solution

Thanks to his customer poll, when Vip made contact with DC Payments, he already knew the solution he was looking for, to be able to provide his customers with a free to use ATM. From his own perspective as an entrepreneur, he understood clearly that having a free to use ATM was critical to his business. Additionally, he wanted to work with a business that would be a partner, not simply a supplier. Listening to Vip and assessing his needs, we were very quickly able to recommend a service arrangement to suit his requirements and installed a fully managed, free to use ATM in his store. Key factors in his deciding to use DC Payments were the level of support and service we are able to offer, our commitment to maximum "up" times, and our policy of using local engineers for proactive servicing.


Vip actively promoted the arrival of the new ATM, and his customers have been making good use of the free to use machine from day one - in the first 4 weeks, more than 2,000 transactions were made. Prior Way trade has increased and continues to grow as new shoppers are attracted to the store, and existing clients increase their levels of spend.