Through the Wall

Install a Through the Wall cash machine

A Through the Wall cash machine is ideal for outdoor spaces and street-side locations - anywhere there is high foot traffic. A Through the Wall ATM is set into a wall - or glass frontage - and can be positioned to face onto:

  • An internal area, such as a hotel lobby.
  • An external area, such as a high street.


A Through the Wall cash machine offers many benefits, including:

  • Generates revenue around the clock
    If you have a business that fronts a high street, is on a commuter route, or has a regular flow of passers-by, a Through the Wall cash machine can generate income for you, even when your business is closed to customers.
  • Keeps cash circulating
    In a range of leisure venues such as hotels, health clubs, bars and night clubs - a Through the Wall cash machine makes sure that cash keeps circulating day and night.
  • Improve customer service offerings with 24/7 cash access
    By providing customers with 24/7 access to their cash - you will encourage customers to visit your site, increase spend, and build loyalty.

State of the art ATMs

Our Through the Wall ATMs are among the most reliable in the world, and are are manufactured by Wincor and NCR. We will help you decide which model best meets your business needs.

  • Wincor
    The latest model from Wincor, with proven reliability backed by German precision engineering.
  • NCR
    NCR Cash machines are found on high streets all over the UK, and are used by the major UK banks.

Fully Managed cash machines

Through the Wall cash machines are available on Fully Managed contracts. This frees you to concentrate on your core business, while we take care of your ATM management. We ensure that your ATM is always loaded with cash, and backed up by our proactive maintenance program.

On site survey

Prior to installing a Through the Wall ATM, we will need to conduct an on site survey. We can install machines in walls constructed of most materials, including brick and plate glass. Planning consent, and landlord's permission, may also be required.