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ATMs on campus

With large numbers of students and educators located on site for long periods, an ATM has the potential to bring substantial benefits to those who work, learn, and live on campus. An on site cash machine is suitable for:

  • Universities
  • Further education & adult learning colleges
  • Language schools
  • Professional & specialist training colleges


  • Out of town campuses
    For out of town or edge of town locations, having to leave the campus is an inconvenience for both students and teachers. On site access to a cash machine helps in many ways, including:
    • Contributes to a better working environment.
    • Removes the need to make frequents trips into town, or the nearest ATM.
    • Helps increase spend at campus restaurants, stores etc.
  • Campus accommodation
    At colleges and universities with on site accommodation, a cash machine allows students to access their cash 24/7.
  • Language Schools
    With its ability to accept all major international cards, a DC Payments cash machine is ideally suited to language schools, where there will be a high level of students from overseas requiring regular access to their funds.